Attack what you see

U13–U16 | CONTACT 4

Get your attackers making decisions about how many players are needed to exploit an attacking situation.

  1. Mark out a 15m x 10m area and divide it into three 5m channels. Number the channels 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Put five defenders on the line facing channel 2 and five attackers with a ball on the opposite line facing channel 1.

Attack what you see 1

  1. You call out how many defenders are needed, in this case “two”, and that number run into channel 1.
  2. Attackers then need to communicate with each other and decide how many players they need to score a try at the far end of the channel. That many attackers then enter the channel and attempt to score. Defenders use full tackling to defend their line.

Attack what you see 2

  1. After five seconds, shout “change” and the attackers run to the start of channel 2 – you then shout a new number of defenders needed and they enter channel 2 and the drill repeats.

Attack what you see 3

You will need

  • A 15m x 10m area split into three 10m x 5m channels
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

Set up another 15m x 10m area and run another game alongside

What to tell your players

“Use passing and offloads if there are low numbers of defenders.
“In contact, look to clear out the threats”

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