It’s not always easy to get young players to embrace contact which is why we’ve spent so much time devising and testing contact drills that will help your players grow in confidence. Use them alongside our tackling drills to develop a team of players that are comfortable making and taking contact.

Ground bounce

in Contact, Passing & Handling

Don’t teach falling over. Teach the players to bounce themselves and therefore the ball off the ground and back into the game. It reduces the fear of falling by making the players embrace the ground as part of a skill for continuity. MORE

Coaching non-lineout mauls

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Most controlled mauls are formed at lineouts. Open-field mauls carry more risks for the attacking team, but it’s still worth considering it as a tactic. Here’s how… MORE

Protect when outnumbered

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Retain possession in a two-man tackle, so your supporting players can help protect the ball. It should reduce the chances of the opposition using a choke tackle to hold up the ball carrier and create a maul. MORE

Protection racket

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Develop your players’ skills around the tackle area so they can retain possession if there’s no chance to offload the ball. It requires accurate execution and you have a chance to observe whether your players can achieve this. Players react quickly to a tackle to protect the tackled player against the first threat. It focuses on the first support player being the player who last passed the ball. MORE

The 5Fs for ball carriers

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The battle that takes place after the tackle is one of the most underappreciated areas of the game. The 5 F’s give you some ideas as to what to develop in players to gain an attacking advantage in these scenarios. In many instances, we see the attacker as a passive participant in the tackle until they get to the ground. However, in a number of games, it’s frequently the actions of the attacker in these scenarios that can make a difference to the result.  MORE

Latch and smash

in Contact, Practice plans

Here is an easy-to-coach contact technique that will help break through defensive lines. It is especially good if you have a smaller team, a support player simply latches on to the ball carrier and pushes him through the defender. MORE

Out of the firing line

in Contact

Use this simple ball carrying trick to help your players retain more ball in contact. The session works on developing your players’ ability to rip down the ball just before contact whilst, unusually, targeting a defende MORE

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