It’s not always easy to get young players to embrace contact which is why we’ve spent so much time devising and testing contact drills that will help your players grow in confidence. Use them alongside our tackling drills to develop a team of players that are comfortable making and taking contact.


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Develop your players’ decision making at the post-tackle so they can steal the ball or prevent the ball from being stolen. By using a points scoring system, the players start to understand the risk and reward elements of going for the ball at the tackle or driving over. MORE

Stage D sessions: Combining TACKLE and RUCK

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In this session, we are going to combine the work we’ve done in the previous two sessions to check for understanding and finally build more of a live rucking situation. To do this we will use two elements from previous sessions to check for understanding (part three from sessions one and two) and to ensure safety is still paramount. MORE

Ground control

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This session thrives on the odd directions a rugby ball takes when it rolls along the ground and how the players react to it. It will improve footwork and reaction skills. The players are reacting to a bobbling ball that might shoot out of the side of a ruck or be knocked back from a lineout, or be because of a dropped pass. MORE

Quick gates

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Arriving players are the ruck need to come through square and strong. Help players be in the right position to be strong and legal at the breakdown. MORE

Five part contact session

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Use this mix of games and wrestle contests to develop your team’s contact skills. You will become more clinical at the breakdown and create quicker ruck ball. The role of the first and second player at the tackle area often determines your speed of ball. Win the race and be technically good. MORE

Turnover attack 1

Turnover attack

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The new ruck laws are designed to encourage turnovers in the game. It is an area you can’t afford to ignore. A quickly executed attack from turnover possession causes the opposition problems. This session – “Turnover attack” – focuses on the players’ decision making after winning turnover possession. MORE

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