It’s not always easy to get young players to embrace contact which is why we’ve spent so much time devising and testing contact drills that will help your players grow in confidence. Use them alongside our tackling drills to develop a team of players that are comfortable making and taking contact.

Build up to contact

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Get your players ready for contact with low impact, fun exercises that build up the intensity. You are not looking for big hits here just preparing them for what will happen later. MORE

Hit, spin, pop

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Offloading in contact can be beyond, behind or away from the tackler. In other words, the ball carrier rides the tackle and bounces off to pass back to a team mate. He takes the tackle on his terms, possibly spinning out of it and releasing a pass to a player who has got better forward momentum. MORE

How to work on contact skills 2

Out of the firing line

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Use this simple ball-carrying trick to help players retain more possession in contact. The session works on developing the ability to rip down the ball just before contact while, unusually, targeting a defender. He will find it easier to control the contact and win valuable time for his support. MORE

VIDEO: Pre-season contact skills

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Bernard Jackman, now head coach at the Dragons in the Pro14, takes an indoor contact session when he was coaching at Grenoble. The players are working on contact skills and ball presentation. The randomness of the initial contact and the surprise element means the players have to make multiple decisions to be win or retain the ball. MORE

Three into one continuity

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Players will need to move from contact situations, developing a basic open play attack structure in order to keep the ball always alive and available to play in the next phase. By Chema Fernandez, IRB L3 coach and 30+ years of coaching experience MORE

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