It’s not always easy to get young players to embrace contact which is why we’ve spent so much time devising and testing contact drills that will help your players grow in confidence. Use them alongside our tackling drills to develop a team of players that are comfortable making and taking contact.

Physical handling games

in Attack, Contact, Defence, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

These two adaptive games are ideal warm-ups to more intensive training sessions. One looks for players to find catching solutions, the other is a simple maul contest – though there’s never anything simple about mauling. By Dan Cottrell GAME 1 Dive zone The blocker moves side to side in the middle 5m The two attackers... MORE

Second man in

in Attack, Contact, Rugby drills

The second player in support of the ball carrier needs to work out how to support the tackle contest. This session explores a range of situations, all based on the principle of going forward whenever possible. By Dan Cottrell Put three attackers and three defenders in position, with one defender on their knees opposite the ball... MORE

Ruck session builder

in Contact, Rugby drills

Session builders take you from one player to a unit to work on their skills piece by piece. In this builder, we look at the contact area and rucking. By Dan Cottrell The player pushes the ruck pad along the ground for 5m A ball carrier rips down from a defender who just has their... MORE

Stay on your feet

in Contact, Rucking & Mauling, Rugby drills, U12+

Not all mauls are set up from lineouts. Sometimes a player stays on his feet through the first contact and is then held up. He should choose whether to drive on with support, or go to ground. This session works on staying on the feet. By Dan Cottrell CHALLENGE Retain possession in contact while going... MORE

Concussion Guidelines

Concussion at grassroots – you are working alone too...

in Ask Dan, Contact, Tips

Though you may have been on the courses, it’s not you who has to get up-to-speed. The framework provided to clubs includes such areas as concussion awareness indicators and “Graduated Return To Play” (GRTP)schemes, to help clubs deal with concussion in the most appropriate ways. However, despite these excellent resources and help, down at the... MORE

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