It’s not always easy to get young players to embrace contact which is why we’ve spent so much time devising and testing contact drills that will help your players grow in confidence. Use them alongside our tackling drills to develop a team of players that are comfortable making and taking contact.

Three into one continuity

in Contact, Rugby drills

Players will need to move from contact situations, developing a basic open play attack structure in order to keep the ball always alive and available to play in the next phase. By Chema Fernandez, IRB L3 coach and 30+ years of coaching experience MORE

Ground up power

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Develop your players’ ability to generate leg power when accelerating or driving into contact. It’s a combination of balance, body angle, technique and then determination. MORE

Base ruck

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Simple to set up, these activities work on improving individual and group skills. There are no bags, just bodies to drive out from the tackle contest. It challenges players to find a rucking solution with a low body position. MORE

Smack and grab

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This is a high-intensity, physical session that works on ruck and tackle contest techniques. It encourages players to work hard in support and when they are fatigued. Poor technique will be easily recognised. ACTIVITY ŒA ball carrier weaves through the middle cones and drives into the pad before going to ground The other two supporters go... MORE

Close support for the contact area

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Retain more possession in the tackle contest to generate more quick ball. Make the nearest support player to the ball carrier get closer and make better decisions. This works well in close quarters where there are lots of defenders. ACTIVITY   A ball carrier runs at the edge of a ruck pad, going to ground... MORE

Up and at ’em

in Contact, Rugby drills

This is a tough, physical session that works on players going forward in narrow spaces. The emphasis should be on ball retention in contact, with players using footwork to get to the edges of defenders while going forward. ACTIVITY Four attackers aim to score in one phase at the far end of the first box.... MORE

Mauls and peels

in Contact, Rugby drills

If you have control of the maul with the ball at the back, you can continue to attack close to the maul by “peeling off”. This keeps your forward momentum going and pressurises the fringes of the defence. MORE

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