Contact basics in the tackle with Richard Hill

Work on simple scenarios to improve your players’ execution of the ball presentation at the tackle collision. These skills should be practised throughout the season to speed up your ruck recycling.

Nail down the detail of the basics to give your players better outcomes at the tackle area.

  1. Work in pairs. First, a ball carrier kneels down, with a tackler kneeling one arm’s distance to the side.
  2. The tackler gets up and drives into the carrier’s hip area.
  3. The carrier uses a fend to push into the tackler’s shoulder or chest. He then presents the ball as he would in a game.

  1. Next, a ball carrier faces a crouched tackler.
  2. He moves towards one of the tackler’s shoulders and falls forward.
  3. The tackler grips hard but makes a passive tackle.
  4. The carrier has to fall correctly and present the ball back.

  1. Finally, a ball carrier runs at a pair of ruck-pad holders about one arm’s distance apart.
  2. He aims to get in between the pads and drive through.
  3. If he can, he then offloads to a support player. If he can’t, he presents the ball.


  • Bent arm for the fend to control the tackler.
  • Twist and turn to work the ball back in the presentation.
  • Don’t aim at the ruck pads, aim for the edges.
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