Coaching snaps: Skill drill switch on

After a warm-up game with a clear objective, let’s move into a short, sharp exercise to energise the players. This gives the players plenty of touches on the ball, and a chance to execute the focused techniques from based around our objective.


Use a familiar skill drill to focus and energise. This means there’s little explanation of what the players need to do and more emphasis on the skill.

For example, I will use an Auckland grid. Put a couple of players on each corner of a box.

The players from opposite corners from towards the middle of the box and pass to the player on their left. They continue to the opposite corner.

Depending on the level of your players, you can have more than one ball in play.

Swap the direction of the pass after a minute. Have a spare ball you can throw in should the pass fly out of the box.

Run for a short period of time before moving into the next activity.


  1. What is your clear skill focus?
  2. Does the drill allow the skill focus to make a difference?
  3. Is the drill quick to set up and run?

Note that I like to use this type of grid for players aged 14 and above. They are familiar with it and can focus on the skill. For younger players, I might use a line of three players passing up and down. Or you can use The Tunnel Drill.

To see what the warm up might look like, check out:

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