Call the play and support

Sometimes an attacker behind the front line can spot a mismatch in the defence. If he calls it, the ball carrier should have the confidence to go for the gap and offload the ball if he’s tackle.

Sometimes things happen so fast in open play that the 10 can’t call the next play. But others can – and if there’s a mismatch, who better to call it than the player who might receive the offload?

  1. Put a feeder and three attackers at one end of the square, with one of the attackers behind the other two.
  2. A defender stands in the middle and you stand behind the far line.
  3. If you hold up a red cone, the first receiver fixes the defender and passes.

  1. If you hold up a green cone, the support player behind shouts “carry the ball”.
  2. The first receiver attacks the defender and offloads to the support player.
  3. The defender must go low.

  1. Develop by having a feeder and six attackers in the bigger box.
  2. Three defenders start at the back and advance over cones 4m inside the box.
  3. One defender wears a bib and can tackle around the legs, the other two can make touch tackles.
  4. The attack aims to score at the other end without the carrier being touched by one of the non-bibbed players.


  • Call the mismatch.
  • Ball carrier aims to beat the tackle before passing.
  • Other players must flood through after the offload.
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