Buying time in contact

Keep moving low, with the ball tucked away from the opposition, when under pressure in contact. It allows time for your support players to get to you, especially if you use the squeeze ball technique.

It helps you buy time on the ball when under pressure from the tackle and when on your way to the ground. If using squeeze ball, players must be U19 or above.

  1. Put players in pairs.
  2. The ruck-pad holder gently kicks the ball beyond his partner, who runs back, dives on the ball and quickly gets back to his feet.
  3. As he does so, the pad holder advances and tries to get over the top of his partner, simulating the pressure of a tackle situation.

  1. The ball carrier fights the pad holder off, staying low and driving into the pad to present the ball.

A The pad holder moves forward while his partner dives on the ball

B The player recovers his feet and drives into the ruck pad

C1 After going to ground, the ball carrier EITHER delivers the ball with a normal placement…

C2 …OR uses a squeeze ball placement – pushing the ball back between the legs from a kneeling position

  1. Develop by removing the pad. Add an attacker and defender and work in a box.
  2. The extra players start behind the kicker and run in to offer support.


The recovering player should:

  • Get off the ground quickly.
  • Stay low and drive the legs on contact.
  • Tuck the ball under his chest and away from the opposition.
  • Land on the ball when going to ground after contact – this “hides” the ball from opponents and buys time for his support.
  • Present the ball using either normal placement or squeeze ball (U19 upwards).
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