Bounce-back tackling

A defender’s work isn’t done once he has made a tackle – he must get back to his feet and in place ready to make the next one. This challenging session is one Shaun Edwards would approve of!

Young players often stop momentarily once they’ve made a tackle. If they beat the tackled player off the ground, you’ll have an advantage.

  1. Have a defender gripping a static ball carrier by a ruck pad.
  2. Another attacker stands beyond the pad, 2m away.
  3. The defender completes the tackle, releasing only when the ball carrier lands on the pad.
  4. The tackled player puts the ball down and gets to his feet as fast as possible.
  5. He passes to the other attacker, who has run around the pad ready to receive the pass.

  1. The support player attacks through the cones on the other side.
  2. The defender aims to make the tackle before this player gets through the cones.
  3. Next, have two tacklers in one box facing two attackers with a ball, with two more attackers in an adjacent box.

  1. The attackers aim to score but once a tackle is completed, shout “break”.
  2. The spare attacker retrieves the ball and passes to the attackers stood at the end of the other box.
  3. The defenders recover and run across into the next box to make a tackle.
  4. Go until a try is scored or an infringement occurs.


  • Head up, eyes open
  • Complete the tackle by keeping your feet active
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