The Bomb Squad: Jump and catch like the pros

Don’t let high balls become a nightmare for your back three. Give them the technique and confidence to ‘”diffuse the bomb” and regain possession ready for the counter-attack.


  1. Balanced stance
  2. Measured and controlled approach to get under the ball
  3. One footed take-off up towards the ball, from underneath the ball if possible
  4. Knee up – to protect against advancing challengers and keep them away from the ball
  5. Eyes firmly fixed on the ball throughout – no external distractions
  6. Hands up, palms cupped and elbows off the body


  1. Put a catcher in each quadrant who aim to catch the ball before it bounces. They pass the ball to a player on the edge
  2. Kicker kicks over crossbar aiming to bounce in one of the quadrant areas. He aims for three second minimum hang time
  3. The other players act as retrievers, passing the ball back to the kicker’s feeder
  4. Play for 60 seconds, a point for a bounce in the quadrant, and two for a dropped catch

Quadrant attack

  • The kicker kicks out balls at various distances between the posts and over the crossbar aiming to get the ball to bounce in any part of the marked quadrant in front of the try line. Any ball must be in the air for at least 3 seconds.
  • Once a ball is caught, the catcher can pass or kick to any of the three retrievers on the pitch perimeter whose job it is to keep the kicker supplied with balls.
  • Play the game for 60 seconds. The kicker gets a point for any ball that lands in the quadrant or 2 points for a dropped catch.
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