Ball presentation and clear-outs

Good repetition builds good habits – so make a core skill a core part of your warm-up with this contact exercise. Players should concentrate on making their ball placement and clear-out skills accurate.

Get the fundamentals right. Here, players work at a low-contact intensity and yet need to keep active to keep their rhythm and shape.

  1. Put two ruck-pad holders about 4m apart facing each other.
  2. Put a ball carrier and a supporting player between the ruck pads.

  1. The ball carrier (A) steps into one of the ruck pads, goes to ground and presents the ball in a predetermined way (jack-knife, long placement or squeeze ball).
  2. The support player (B) clears over the carrier on the ground and drives back the ruck-pad holder a couple of steps.

  1. Then B turns and receives a pop-up pass from A (who’s on the ground) before running into the opposite ruck pad.
  2. Player A recycles himself to support.
  3. Repeat eight times before swapping the ruck-pad holders with the attackers.
  4. Develop by removing the ruck pads, using tackle suits instead, with the ball carrier going to ground straight after contacting the suit wearer.


  • The ball carrier should use footwork before the pad, then drive with his legs on contact.
  • Place the ball as the support player arrives, not before.
  • Get low over the grounded player, going from low to high in the drive.
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