Ball placement and clean-out

Dominating the collision in attack will lead to better ball presentation and increase the  of a clean and speedy recycle. Use this exercise to improve – it starts with a cone-flipping race.

Ball carriers must try to boss the contact and place the ball precisely. Support players need to adapt to a changing situation and apply effective clean-out techniques

  1. Have two teams of five and position Play starts with a race between player 1 in each end box.
  2. They must each turn over the five cones on the rim of the area. Change the number of cones depending on the amount of fatigue you want to impose.
  3. After each turnover, they return to the centre area and do a press-up.

  1. The first player to turn over the fifth cone grabs the ball from the centre area and attacks the far (try) line.
  2. His opponent becomes the tackler.
  3. Both are now assisted by support players – you shout out how many supporters (and their numbers) will be allowed .

  1. For instance, “2 attack supporters, numbers 3 and 5, and one defender, number 3.”
  2. The aim is to safely recycle the ball as quickly as possible after the tackle is made.
  3. Develop by changing the box size and adding support players, as well as having mismatches in numbers.


The carrier should consider:

  • Agility into contact
  • Low body position
  • Ball in two hands
  • Place the ball back towards your try line, as far as you can reach – both hands on the ball
  • Don’t rush the placement
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