Work on 9-10 communication

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Use this Boland Cavaliers 9-10 passing exercise to work on your half back link. The South African team’s activity is designed to fatigue the 9 so he has to concentrate on accuracy.

Why use it

The 9 can perfect the sweep ball to 10 who is constantly changing his distance to vary the length of pass. This also discovers the 9’s passing range.

Set up

Cones, a 15m channel, four balls, a 9, 10 and another back.

Work on 9-10 communication

How to do it

9 runs to the first ball and sweeps it away to the 10 who calls where he wants the pass. 10 takes the pass, pops it to the other back (see picture 1) who then puts it by the cone on the far side (see picture 2). In the meantime, 9 runs to the next ball, and sweeps it away again, on 10’s call.

Repeat up one side and then return down the other side. Then 9 turns and works back the other way, off his other hand. Continue the exercise for either a time period or number of passes. The 9 should be fatigued by the last set of passes.

Develop by having a player present the ball as if dropped down from a lineout or popped out from a maul (see picture 3A), then from a scrum or ruck (see picture 3B).


  • The 9 takes the ball in the middle of his body before sweeping it towards the target.
  • The 9 transfers his weight over the nearest foot to the receiver and follows through to the target
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