Rugby coaching tips for the inside slice backs move

Why this backs move works

  • When 12 and 13 swap places, their opposite numbers will move with them. The long pass looks like it takes 13 out of the game, especially if 10 focuses his run at the player who might be in the channel that 13 is running in.
  • With 12 drifting out, it should create enough space for 13 to run back into, wrapping back on his original line.

Good if you have

  • Already run a “slice pass” to 12 who made a break.
  • A 12 with good ball handling skills, because the inside pass is difficult to perform when running away from the intended receiver.
  • A strong running 13 and the opposition 10 is a weaker tackler.
  • A 10 with a long pass.

What players should do

  • 10 attacks the line, while 12 and 13 swap places as the move starts.
  • 10 gives a long pass to 12, who is running out, while 13 runs into the gap left by 12.
  • Just before 12 takes contact, he passes the ball back inside to 13.

Common mistakes

  • 12 does not run wide enough or does not attack the “outside shoulder” of his opposite man.
  • 12 performs a forward pass. He must turn his hips at the last moment to help release his shoulders.
  • 13 runs too early. He should start later than normal and perhaps stand a bit deeper than he usually does.

Think about

  • 12 flicking the ball out of the back of his hand. It’s a risky move but may prevent a forward pass.
  • 12 “dummy passing out” before passing back inside.

Rugby coaching backs move called Inside Slice

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