Rugby coaching backs move, Crash back 15

Best from

Between the 22m lines from a scrum on the far side of the pitch.

Why it works

  • The run by 12 takes the defence up and away. The inside pass and following run of 11, the “blindside winger”, changes the angles twice, further holding the defence.
  • The straight run of 15 cuts through a defence that has been pushed and pulled, and whose focus is on the “outside arc” of 11.

Good if you have

  • A strong-running 15 who can time his runs into the line.
  • A good ball-handling winger and 13 who has a good understanding.
  • A 10 with a long pass.

What players should do

  • 10 passes immediately to 12 who is drifting out on an “arc” away from the pass.
  • 12 runs out after he receives the ball from 10 and passes inside to the “blindside winger” (11) who is following 12’s line.
  • 11 straightens up and passes the ball to 15 who is coming in from deep behind 12.
  • 15 delays his run, starting deep in the back field.

Common mistakes

  • The “blindside wing” not starting early enough so not arriving in time to receive the ball. It is best that he starts moving as soon as the ball goes into the scrum.
  • 12 not running away from 11 (the “blindside winger”), to create the space for 15 to come through on the “burst”.

Think about

  • 15 taking a “switch pass” from 11.
  • 12 passing to 13 who runs and passes as 12 does.
  • Using a “miss pass” to 13 to start the move.

This backs move is from the 50 Great Backs Moves manual by Dan Cottrell.

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