Back row move – 8 pick and go

Best from

  • A scrum anywhere on pitch, though normally not too close to the right-hand touchline.
  • A situation where you want to create an easier ball to kick from inside your 22 or take the pressure off a poor scrum.
  • A situation where you want to set up quick second phase ball and tie in their 6 and 7.

Why it works

8 attacks the space to the side of the scrum, where the nearest opposition player in open play is likely to be standing, probably at least 3m from the side of the scrum.

Good if you have

  • An 8 who is quick from the back of the scrum.
  • A scrum that can wheel or turn so the tight head side can move up while the loose head side stays steady. This takes your 8 closer to the gain line and away from the opposition back row.

What players should do

  • 8 gets the ball on his right foot. He gathers it and drives off to the right, aiming to get beyond the opposition 6 and towards the opposition 10.
  • 7 follows 8 and supports him for either an offload or more likely into a ruck. 5 follows, plus any other forwards, to secure the ball.
  • 12 or 13 (whoever is nearest), but not 10, goes in to support 8 for either an offload or to ruck.
  • 9 covers around and clears a pass to 10.

Common mistakes

  • 8 runs too close to the side of the scrum and the opposition back row in particular.
  • 8 turns away from support when he makes contact.

Think about

  • 8 goes left, taking out the opposition 9. Good if your team is tight to the right-hand touchline or the opposition 9 is poorly positioned.
  • 8 runs a flatter angle infield, thus drawing the defence further away from the scrum.

This game is from Rugby Attack!

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