Backs moves

From my experience even basic backs moves, like a miss pass, loop or switch, need careful consideration. Not least because there are crucial variations you can make to suit your team’s strengths. During the match the players then have to understand the purpose of the move – why this move here and now? Use the backs moves below to turn your back row into a deadly attacking force.

How to slice and block 2

Slice and block

in Attack, Backs moves, Practice plans

This session builds up a phase play move to break down an organised defence, focusing on the space outside their 10. It is easy to set up but requires a good level of skill to run the right lines and time runs. However, the angles should give your team a chance to get over the tackle line, if not break it completely. MORE

How to execute set piece with the 12 option 2

Set piece 12 options

in Attack, Backs moves, Practice plans

The second receiver from a ruck or set piece needs to act as a ballcarrying option or a support player for close contact in the 10 channel. The 12 (inside centre) is the most likely player for this. This session works on key options so they become second nature. MORE

How create simple but effective attacking plays by having open options 2

Options open

in Attack, Backs moves, Practice plans

All too often defences can tell exactly where the ball is going and who the strike runner is going to be. “Options open” is all about creating as many realistic attacking options for the passing player and keeping the defence guessing until it’s too late. The patterns are basic and can be achieved by any team. MORE

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