Backs moves

From my experience even basic backs moves, like a miss pass, loop or switch, need careful consideration. Not least because there are crucial variations you can make to suit your team’s strengths. During the match the players then have to understand the purpose of the move – why this move here and now? Use the backs moves below to turn your back row into a deadly attacking force.

Mirror ball

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Run backline moves in a competitive format to force players to run the correct lines under pressure. It is best run as a unit skills session with the backs. ACTIVITY Two backlines run a move against each other, with the perceived pressure coming from someone running towards you The 9s run around their cones before... MORE

12-13 Switch (S2)-1

12-13 Switch (S2)

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Best from Anywhere outside your 22. Either a scrum or lineout. It’s easy to set up from a second phase but is not good against tight defence. Why it works Defences tend to drift out more after a pass from 10. This attacks “against the grain” even more than a “10-12 switch”. It straightens the... MORE

Miss behind

Miss Behind (M1B)

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Best from Anywhere on the pitch. It creates the illusion of a short pass, but is an effective way of getting the ball wide. Why it works The move buys time for 13, especially against a “rush/blitz defence”. The defenders will hold their runs based on 12 and will slow to tackle him. The pass... MORE

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