VIDEO: Realignment and attack from quick ruck

Realign quickly after a quick ruck and attack where there are mismatches. This dynamic scenario activity can cover a wide range of skills and techniques.


  1. Put two attackers on their knees, with a ball at their feet, with four attackers ready to receive a pass from a feeder.
  2. Put a defender in front of the kneeling attackers, and at two ruck-pad holders about 2m behind and to the side.
  3. Have the feeder pass to one of the waiting attackers, who goes into the ruck pads and presents the ball. Another attacker secures the ball on the ground (rucks over).
  4. The other attackers realign into a large box at the side, and the feeder passes to these attackers.
  5. In the meantime, two ruck-pad holders and the other defender move into the large box. The ruck-pad holders can drop their pads or hold onto them, depending on how much contact you want.
  6. The attack aim to score at the end of the box.
  7. Adjust the amount of contact according to your players’ needs. The mix of ruck pads will offer different pictures for the players to work to. For example, a contact with ruck-pad holder might mean an immediate offload, or a fend and offload.
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