VIDEO: Handling and realignment – attack the box

Improve the players’ realignment to run straight and at pace onto the pass in this continuous realignment exercise. Progress by adding defenders to pressurise the key passers.


  1. Mark out a 10m box.
  2. Put a ball on one corner, with a feeder and three players lined up to their left outside the box facing inwards.
  3. The feeder passes the ball and the other players pass the ball to each other before the last player puts the ball on the corner opposite them.
  4. The players then shift anti-clockwise to repeat the exercise on the next side of the box.
  5. Repeat until all sides of the box have been “attacked”.
  6. Then, swap the direction of the pass and go clockwise around the box.


  1. Have two groups going at the same time, starting at opposite sides of the box. They try to catch up with the other group.
  2. Put two defenders on the side on the box facing out. They put pressure on the two middle passers.
  3. Change the dimensions of the box, either making it wider or narrower, or even making it into a rectangle.
  4. Use three players, with the first receiver having to pass and then loop and receive another pass.


  • Face the box, with the hips going towards the line.
  • Pass firmly.
  • Don’t shift until the pass is made.
  • Hold the run – that means not coming forward until the inside player has moved.
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