VIDEO: Double duel 1 v 1+1 (crowd-coaching)

In this activity, the attacker aims to manipulate the defence, beating the ruck pad holder, then the next defender. The defender has a good chance to tackle the attacker, who should be off-balance.

I sent this out to a number of different coaches to try it. Below the activity are their ideas to improve, or add to the exercise. Hence, I’ve called this crowd-coaching.

Many thanks to Myles Rutherford, who’s director of rugby at West Park Leeds RFC for his video clip. It was taken before training formally started. Therefore it’s touch tackling.


  1. The ball carrier moves side to side, and can move forward or backwards within the box.
  2. The ruck holder mirrors the ball carrier’s movements.
  3. Another defender has to be touching the pad player all the time.

  1. On “GO”, the ball carrier aims to score at far end.
  2. The pad holder aims to touch or bump the ball carrier in pad touch zone, which is the area in front of the pad holder.
  3. The defender makes tackle in tackle zone if possible.


  • Allow grab tackles.
  • The ball carrier can kick.
  • The ball carrier can start anywhere in their half of the box.


From Myles

Players feedback:

  • They found it difficult to move forward with pad.
  • The pad holder recognised they needed to mirror the attacker better as he would get away from them otherwise
  • The second defender collision height was high as they felt they couldn’t get in close.
  • There was no initial communication from the defenders, but once this was identified and amended, the second man worked more efficiently.

Myles suggested adding more players for tackle-jackle scenarios. He also felt it would well for practising side-on tackles.

From Graham McGoun, who coaches U14s.

  • I set up the drill in two zones in the dead ball area on our training pitch, as it gives you two natural touch lines.
  • It worked very well in terms of ball carrier protecting the ball (which I made the target for the pad man) and the defenders working as a pair.
  • If the pad man hit the ball, the attacker was tackled.
  • Great drill that you could easily add another attacker. Our U14s really enjoyed it and the coaches thought it was good too.

From Jon Long, also an U14s coach.

  • Used the area between 5m-try line-dead ball line to save set up.
  • It was good for close footwork.
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