Switch on to tap and go

Although a “tap and go” by the 9 is off the cuff, players will benefit from some structure to make the most of opportunities. Use this session to get your team in the mindset of quick plays from penalties.

The 9 must get back to the mark fast and then get going forward. Team-mates should react to be in position to exploit a retreating defence.

  1. Put a ball in the middle of a diamond of different-coloured cones, with the 9 standing near the “mark” (the blue cone in our graphic).
  2. Put two attackers at either corner behind him, a ruck-pad holder at the other side of the diamond, and two pad holders at the end.
  3. Shout out a colour.
  4. The 9 runs to pick up the ball and goes to the nominated cone before returning to the mark to take a quick tap penalty.
  5. The front pad holder initially walks backwards, then runs backwards as the tap occurs.
  1. The 9 taps and runs before passing to a support player.
  2. That attacker takes the ball on.
  3. He offloads it again or takes contact, with the other attacker and/or 9 helping to clear out the pads.


  1. Develop by doubling the width of the box.
  2. Add some attackers and play another phase.


  • 9 retrieves the ball quickly and dashes to the mark.
  • Run or pass immediately.
  • Support runners run angles, not straight lines.
  • If there’s an offside player, run at him and look to pass.
  • Don’t pass too long as it brings up the defensive line.
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