Rugby drill to coach simple loops

The first job in this drill session is to explain the loop to the players. The idea is to pass the ball, then run to support on the outside of the receiver.

The players must be on the balls of their feet at all times, ready for the pass and ready to support. They must understand that there is no excuse for standing around and watching once they have passed.

Rugby warm-up drill

  • Have a group of three players standing in a column, with a ball at the front. When you shout “GO,” the column runs forwards.
  • The ball carrier steps left, passes right, then runs to join the back of the column. This should continue for 10 metres before the column returns by passing the other way.

The main rugby drill session

In a 10 metre-wide box, three players stand in a line at one end. The first player (P1) runs forwards, passes to the second player (P2) and loops. Ideally he should loop without having to run back.

P2 then steps in and passes to P1 as he loops around. The third player (P3) holds his run and accelerates to meet a pass from the looping player (P1).

In this rugby drill, use cones to help your players understand their running lines.


Rugby drill session to get players working on simple loops to create an extra man in attack

How to develop the drill

1. Add defenders to pressure the first two players.

2. Loop to the left, as well as to the right.

3. Add another player who uses a miss pass, before the missed player also loops around.

Put the drill into a game situation

The drill can be developed further by playing a game to encourage players to loop and create overlaps.

Using at least half the width of a normal pitch (the length is not important), set up a game of 4 v 4. Use touch rules, one touch only.

Don’t allow switches (“cut passes”).

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