Rugby coaching drill to get players winning 2 v 1s

Rugby drill moves

The ball carrier is the key player in this rugby drill. Carrying the ball in two hands, he must draw the defender. He needs to get into a position where the defender has no choice but to make the tackle, yet still have the time and space to get the pass away.

The support player’s role is then to be deep enough to react to the ball carrier, and yet close enough to ensure the pass is easy.

  • Carrying the ball in two hands, the ball carrier runs straight at the defender.
  • As he approaches the defender, the ball carrier steps sharply to the left, to draw the defender, and straightens, to make it easier to pass.
  • The defender has no choice but to follow the ball carrier to make the tackle. This creates the space for the support player.
  • Starting opposite the next defender, the support player starts wide and comes in close to receive the pass.
  • He should end up running through the space previously taken by the defender.

In your rugby drill, build up the pressure from a gentle start. For instance, start at walking pace, with the defender inactive and not moving forward. Slowly develop the speed of the rugby drill, with the defender becoming more active. Pay special attention to the running lines of the attacking players.

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