Random 3v2 alignments

Practise on-pitch situations, which highlights vision, the utilisation of space and the game skills required to break defences. Defenders to start in varying positions throughout.


  1. Five players run from the middle of the posts and then left or right along the 5m line. A scrum half (or clearing passer) is positioned between the posts on the 5m line.

  1. As the first player out is now running inside the 15m line, call out two numbers.
  2. The two numbers are the defenders who retreat to the goal line, perform a press-up over the goal line then defend against the remaining three players. In the meantime, the three others are the attackers who realign accordingly from the scrum half.

  1. When they are ready, the 9 passes the ball out.
  2. The aim of the attackers is to beat the two defenders by scoring over the goal line, the defenders must work together to stop them.


Key coaching points: Attack

  • Re-align quickly outside the 9.
  • Connect with your attackers on the run.
  • Early scan to ascertain positioning of defenders.
  • The first receiver must catch the ball on the run, the remaining attackers time their run into the line and onto the ball.
  • The timing of passes must be accurate.
  • The attackers must adapt their running lines, and communication, throughout.

Key Coaching Points: Defence

  • Re-load from the press-up as quickly as you can.
  • Connect with your other defender on the run.
  • Early scan to ascertain positioning of attackers.
  • Stay connected with your fellow defender in communication and in vision.
  • Keep your shoulders square to the attackers so you can react.


  1. Add a scrum half (or clearing passer) at other end of the 5m line, the coach then calls either left or right following the calling of two numbers.
  2. Run seven players along the line, call three numbers who are the defenders, the other four are the attackers.
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