Persuade your players to run straight

By Paul Tyler, Scottish Rugby Union level 3 qualified coach, former SRU rugby development officer and a qualified referee

Create a team of players who go forward with the ball and find space rather than run backwards or sideways which is a common trait among very young players.

Why use it

Develop understanding of the importance of always moving forward with the ball while improving the ability to identify and attack space.

Set up

A coned 15m square containing a coned 10m square.

Persuade your players to run straight

How to do it

Four attackers start at the first corner of the square. They attack down channel 1 against two defenders side by side (see picture 1).

The attackers realign at the start of channel 2 and attack again against two defenders one behind the other (see picture 2).

They work their way round the 4 channels back to the start.

Mix the square attack game with “New Image Rugby” so players use the skills they have practised in a game situation (see picture 3). See page 11 for the rules.


  • Carry the ball in two hands – this keeps options to pass open and defenders thinking.
  • Move forward and attack space.
  • Support players get close to the ball carrier.
  • Make short passes to fix defenders and create space.

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