Two v one continuous rugby drill

in Attack

One of the staple drills for many rugby coaches is the "round-the-corner" drill, where two attackers run back to a cone each, turn and attack into a box as a defender runs in the opposite direction before turning to defend. But a more effective rugby drill is suggested here to get attackers and defenders working on decision-making skills. MORE

Rugby drill to coach hit and spin technique

in Attack

Attack rugby is about attacking the space. However, in close-quarter situations it is not always possible to find space. Instead, attacking players need to make themselves hard to tackle and ensure they can keep the ball alive. Coach the following rugby drill to teach hit and spin skills. MORE

Drill to make the most of attacks close to...

in Attack

When your players have the ball near the try line you want them to make the most of the position, to score over the line. Which is just what this drill session is all about. It's also a great way to teach your defenders about protecting the try line from the opposition. MORE

Rugby set plays using gates to add match pressure

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Unopposed practice drills can lead to poor outcomes. This system, devised by Mark Calverley, an IRB Level 4 coach working in school and club rugby in New Zealand, closely mirrors rugby matches. It forces players to take good options and be accurate in their play. MORE

Go with the flow forwards off 10

in Attack

Despite what the press might say, forwards need to be thinkers. They can't just run into any ruck or maul. They need to consider when and where to add their weight. The following rugby drill is designed to help them build up some rhythm to make better decisions. MORE

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