Second receiver options

in Attack, Rugby drills

The second receiver from a ruck or set piece needs to act as a ball carrying option or a support player for a close contact in the 10 channel. Often it’s the 12, but all players need to practise these skills. MORE

Pod-by-pod go forward

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

In the multi-phase game, it is essential forwards are used in small groups. Each group wins the next breakdown in turn, avoiding aimless shifting from one ruck to the next. These groups are called “pods”. This session develops a pod system. MORE

How to improve ball presentation in the breakdowns as well as the speed 3

Speed post

in Attack, Practice plans

Your team need a range of tactics to improve the presentation of the ball at the point of contact. One method, which should not be confused with squeeze ball, is posting the ball between the legs during the contact, with other players clearing out defenders. It should provide quick ball, with the defence on the back foot. MORE

Flat speed

in Attack, Rugby drills

Sometimes a player has to come forward from a standing start. They need to make best use of the space in front of them to beat the defenders and create go forward. Fight for every inch in contact, even from a standing start. MORE

Breaking out of the pod

in Attack, Rugby drills

Don’t let your attack become stuck in a one-size-fits-all pod of three players. Test the decision-making skills of the team. The three-player pod allows an additional attacking option to open when the defence doesn’t align to match your attack. MORE

Don’t make 3 v 2s simple

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

During a match, 3 v 2s happen more times than you think. Yet, each situation can be different, with defenders and attackers arriving from different angles and starting close or far apart. You need to challenge yourself to replicate these scenarios in training. MORE

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