How to provide support from counter attacks 1

Support seekers

in Attack, Practice plans

Retrieving kicks can mean a chance to counter attack, but it carries risks. Your ball carrier is likely to be behind his team mates and therefore needs to find support so he does not become isolated. This session is about players’ options when running with the ball. MORE

How to develop options in contact by providing the offload option 2

Offload or not

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Continuity out of the tackle is one of the most powerful weapons to break down defences. Players have to decide whether they can offload or go to ground and wait for support. Players must either risk making a pass or keep the ball and present it safely. MORE

Ladder attack decisions

in Attack, Footwork and evasion, Rugby drills

Skilful footwork can improve acceleration, agility and balance. But get a two-in-one benefit by using footwork ladders to also develop your players’ heads-up decision-making. It’s a simple session to improve agility in decision-making exercises – and very easy to set up and vary. MORE

How to improve in 50/50 situations 1

Dogs of war

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Do your players have the guts to challenge for a 50:50 ball? Often this is all that separates teams in close encounters. When the ball is on the ground, players need to react aggressively to win it – be like Shakespeare’s “dogs of war” – before driving forward. MORE

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