How to exploit the space

in Attack, Rugby drills

Use this session to develop simple “catch and pass” skills to fix defenders and put the free player away – after reacting quickly to where the ball has come from. Don’t forget to run straight! MORE

How to execute the dummy scissorts pass 1

Dummy scissors pass

in Attack, Backs moves, Practice plans

Dummy scissors pass (DSP) is a simple move that can be used by all the players, not just the back line. It is still used by the top sides in a number of situations. These teams have added extra decoy runners and other variations, but at the core is the DSP. This move will add an attacking edge to your team from all phases. MORE

Attacking the defence: Exploiting a fast number 8

in Attack, Rugby drills

A fast number 8 can be launched off the back of the scrum into the backline. Here’s how to exploit this. Place three tackle tubes in a T-Shape (or use cones or ruck pads). Have your number 8 (or any forward) stand at the bottom of the T with a defender on the right-hand side... MORE

how to rip deep and flat 2

Rip, deep and flat

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

To play a dynamic game, skills have to be executed accurately and effectively. This session focuses on getting the ball away from a contact situation while it is off the ground, and passing it to a receiver to lead the next attack. The key is to be quick and efficient. MORE

How to improve going forward and supporting 2


in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Players love simple targets. Not just simple targets to achieve, but simple targets to understand like moving the ball from one end of a box to another. That’s why they will enjoy “blast”. It works on the ball carrier and his support making progress up the field whilst a defender attempts to prevent their progress. This expands into a match situation where the “blast” might be used. MORE

Buster ball from quick rucks

in Attack, Rugby drills

When you dent their line and win a quick ruck, it pays to have a play in your locker to make a decisive break while they’re recovering their shape. Have your 9 run off the forwards with this “loop and give”. MORE

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