How to pick and go with options 2

Pick and go options

in Attack, Practice plans

Don’t let your team waste quick ball at rucks because they have taken the wrong decision. Forwards have to decide whether to “keep on going”, that is pick up the ball and drive on, or leave it for the scrum half. This session focuses on players having to make their decisions as they approach the breakdown. MORE

Support, pace and chase

in Attack, Rugby drills

If the supporting player chases the ball carrier, they are likely to be close enough to take a pass. But get too close and they overrun. This pointsified session helps work on that. This session develops taking the pass at pace, supporting the ball carrier and moving off line before passing. MORE

Backs blast

in Attack

Work on the backs’ fitness while working on their running lines and drift defence. It’s competitive and they will make every effort to break the line each time. The session focuses the players on realignment – with the players being dropped out of the line at each phase, there needs to be good communication on who is first receiver and what lines to run. MORE

Right angled line breakers

in Attack

Develop your players’ running and pass lines to challenge defences to keep square. If they don’t, you will bust their line. If they do keep square, you will find space on the outside. MORE

Close support, attack and defence

in Attack, Defence

Work on the roles and skills of the attackers and defenders closest to the tackle area in a tight space. This activity puts the players in game-like situations to look for solutions. Though there are some principles to follow, this activity will give the players an opportunity to try out different ideas. Expect messy outcomes. MORE


in Attack

Work from left to right and back a number of times up a channel, aiming to keep possession and go forward at the same time. It is a tactic that can be used to retain possession when running down the clock or to set up a drop goal. MORE

How to develop and sharpen finishing 3

Finishing first

in Attack, Footwork and evasion, Practice plans

Scoring tries is too often a given skill. This session makes a virtue of good body positions. It creates a hard session which the players will enjoy because of the obvious potential outcomes, scoring tries. Your team will also learn how to protect the ball close to line and how to coordinate a last ditch defence. MORE

How to attack around the corner 2

Attack around the corner

in Attack, Practice plans

Any player who loops around another or peels round from a lineout, is running around a corner. That corner is defended by just one player. Attacking around the corner creates an extra attacker. If the corner is taken sharply, without much loss of pace, then there is good chance for a break. This session develops those skills. MORE

How to use quick turnover ball 2

Turnover: One, two – attack!

in Attack, Practice plans

Turnover ball can be as important an attacking weapon as clean setpiece ball. Quick use of the turnover ball can make it even more potent. This session builds on the tactic of clearing the ball from the danger area with two passes. The final game adds in the key factor of not knowing exactly when the turnover is going to occur. MORE

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