My favourite 4v2 attacking scenario

I like to look for drills that can easily be adapted to work for different abilities, and even add in new skills

A good example of this is my favourite 4v2 attacking scenario. It comes from Sean Holley, former Ospreys and Bristol coach. It’s got something to offer for all players above the age of 11 and is a great way to make training more realistic.

Use this drill to create a dynamic 4v2 attacking scenario to test your players’ decision-making skills and execution technique in match-like situations.

Why use it

Make players react to different scenarios to allow them to develop their skills to beat defenders coming from different angles. The key here is getting realigned first, then straight running to engage defenders.

Set up

A 25m square in a corner, a tackle tube, two ruck pads, different-coloured cones and a ball.

My favourite 4v2 attacking scenario

How to do it

Put two defenders to the side of a tackle tube and a 9, 10 and support player (2) facing the tube. Finally, put two attackers facing two ruck pad holders (see picture 1).

Call “PLAY” and a colour. The defenders run to the coloured cones called and wait for the 9 to pass the ball. The 9 runs to the ball and waits for 10 to call for it. 10 and the support player line up based on the defence. Meanwhile, the two other attackers drive into the pads and realign ready to make the overlap (see picture 2).

9 passes to 10 and the play unfolds, with the attackers aiming to score in the corner (see picture 3).


  • Attackers engage defenders by running straight
  • The depth of the second player (2) is key because he can release the two overlap players by drawing his defender.
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