Juniors: Playing on bigger pitches

Use this activity to help your players get into better positions to pass and move the ball to space on bigger pitches.

Controlling the extra space found on bigger pitches can provide players with roles that develop their game understanding, as well as provide a game plan to exhaust and disrupt opponents. “Round the Corner” attacks the entire width of the pitch and constantly moves the opponents.


  1. Play 7 v 7 as a small-sided game in around a 22m wide pitch, at least 30m long. Put a line of cones 5m in from each touchline.
  2. Sides consist of three forwards, a scrum-half and three backline players.
  3. Start with the ball inside the 5m line and about 5m from their own try line. The three forwards from each side lean on each other the ball is passed to the backs.

Play normal rugby with the following constraints:

    • No kicking.
    • Grab tackling – if the ball carrier is held, he goes to ground and presents the ball. The tackler goes to one knee until the ball is passed. There is no contest for the ball on the ground.

      • The ball must be passed towards the same touchline until the attackers have possession inside the 5m line by the touchline.
      • No ball carrier can run over the 5m lines. The ball must be passed over this line.
      • Any infringements by the attack mean a restart. The first team have five goes to score before the teams swap roles.



  • Run straight to fix defenders.
  • Get “around the corner” of the previous tackle to be in position to go forward.
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