U9 U10 Fix and support

Get the ball carrier to “attack” the defender before passing or offloading the ball to the support player.

Fix and support

1. Mark out a 10m x 5m area. Along one of the long sides of the area put a line of kneeling attackers facing a line of kneeling defenders, with a 2m gap between the lines. Put a ball just inside the area close to the attackers.

2. Call out the names of attackers. They get to their feet, with the nearest player to the ball picking it up.

3. At the same time, the first defender in the line gets up and they all go forward to create a 2v1, with the defender aiming to tackle the ball carrier.

4. Attackers aim to score at the far end by passing and running. The ball carrier must attack the defender before passing the ball to his support player. He can either pass before he is tackled or offload the ball in the tackle.

5. As soon as they score or make a mistake, you shout “Get out of here” and the players go to the back of their lines. Put the ball in the other team’s half and run againt with roles reversed.

6. Develop by calling out the name of any defender to come forward. Further develop by having more players come into the area

Offloading in the tackle

Always aim to beat the tackler first, so there is forward momentum. After the tackle, turn the shoulders towards where the pass is going and throw it up and towards the receiver.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U9-U10. For more information on EasiCoach manuals click here.

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