Eight rugby coaching tips for scoring more tries

Here are my eight tips to developing dynamic attacking play, to excite your players in their rugby coaching sessions and score more tries in matches.

1. Decide on the purpose of the move

Not all moves have to penetrate the defence and directly lead to try scoring opportunities. You can use strike runners to suck in defenders and provide quick ball for a second phase attack.

2. Innovate

Don’t be afraid to experiment in a practice rugby coaching session, no matter how mad it sounds.

3. Identify your strike runner and the target

The strike runner must hit the ball at pace, so play to your strengths. If you have a quick full back, devise moves to get them into the game as often as possible and in a variety of channels.

4. Identify the ball supplier

This is the player who is going to deliver the ball to the strike runner. Usually it would be your number 10, but it could be your 12 or 13 if you are attacking a wider channel.

5. Identify your decoy runners

Also known as dummy runners, think of decoys as “strike runners who don’t get the ball”. They should run with the same purpose as the strike runner to commit defenders. If the ball supplier spots a gap opening up for them, your decoy runners must be able to take the ball instead.

6. Identify your support players

Always support the strike runner whatever happens.

7. Prepare

Practice your moves unopposed and perfect them, before attempting them in a game.

8. If a move works keep doing it!


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