Create space with supporting players with this 2 v 1 exercise

Use these two simple 2 v 1 exercises to concentrate on the attacker manipulating the ball to draw the defender while the support player creates the space.

Why use it

If the attacker interests defenders by holding the ball correctly, the support player can time his run from the right depth to accelerate onto the pass, creating the best space.

Set up

A 5m square, play 2 v 1.

Create space with supporting players with this 2 v 1 exercise

How to do it?

Put two attackers and a defender at the side of the square.

They run to opposite corners on one side and enter the square (see picture 1). The defender aims to get a two-handed touch on the ball carrier who delays his pass and awaits the call from the deep-running support player. If touched, the ball carrier becomes the defender. The defender also wins if he intercepts the ball but does not knock it on. If the attack is successful, then swap the starting ball carrier. Second, put two attackers and defenders back to back in the middle of the square. The attackers run to a corner cone as does the defender (see picture 2A). Play begins from opposite sides of the square and the ball carrier has to interest the defender and either pass or go through if he can (see picture 2B).


  • The ball carrier keeps the ball in both hands and moves it to look like he might pass it at any time to interest or fix the defender.
  • The support player starts slowly before racing towards the open space, telling the ball carrier of his whereabouts.
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