Attacking play after the lineout

Work on your forwards’ and half-backs’ decision making after a lineout play like a back peel. From this midfield position, players should have three options to attack.

Lineouts provide special attack situations – back lines are 20m apart, and the full width of the pitch is available. Develop an attack to maximise this potential from a right-hand side lineout.

  1. Put three attacking forwards facing three defending forwards at the back of a lineout.
  2. Have an attacking 9 and 10 in position and another defending back.
  3. Have the attackers run off the back of the lineout as if supporting a back peel. The first forward runs to the dummy ruck and secures the ball.
  4. Depending on where the defence line-up, the forwards run to either take the ball up, or allow the 10 to take a pass from the 9.
  5. You indicate to the defence how they should set up.

  1. Both hands up – the back and one forward stand inside the ruck with a forward close either side.
  2. If the defending back is in the ruck, then 10 should receive the ball.

  1. Mismatches on the open and the blind
  2. Left hand up – the back stays on the open side, with one forward in the ruck and one close either side.
    • The forwards attack the defending back.
  3. Right hand up – the back stays open, one forward goes into the ruck and the other two stay on the blindside. Use grab tackles.
    • The attacking forwards go open and the 10 sweeps around to the blindside.


  • Call the play as you see it.
  • Forwards attack the ball at pace, looking to use footwork and handling to isolate the back.
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