Attack plan to create space

This article is an extract from Rugby Coach Weekly. It starts as a simple 3v2 situation.

The inside attacker passes to the second attacker, who takes the pass and runs at the inside shoulder of the outside defender. As he draws the defender’s attention, he passes to the third attacker who runs into the space on the outside and scores.

Developing the rugby drill session

You can develop the drill session with additional attackers and defenders, and by allowing knock downs, interceptions, and tackles. This additional “pressure” means that the timing of the passes becomes critical.

Rugby coaching tips for players to attract defenders

1. The ball carrier: Having the ball carrier move the ball from two hands to one hand certainly attracts defenders. It makes them think the ball carrier is going to take them on. The ball carrier should also practise getting the ball back into two hands before passing.

2. Support runners: Additional support players on the inside will force the defenders to remain fixed on the inside, leaving space for the ball carrier (or a support player to receive a pass) on the outside.

The ball carrier should be encouraged to use the inside support players as decoys through oral communication – calling “inside pass” or “stay on my inside”, for example – and visual signals.

As long as all your players know the visual signals, they could use the calls to distract the defenders, for example by calling contradictory moves.

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