2 v 1s reloads

Use this continuous 2 v 1 exercise to keep the players thinking and adjusting with slightly different scenarios each time. It will also help develop communication.

No 2 v 1 situation is the same, so why train specific situations when you can continually mix it up with this activity.

  1. Put a defender on each corner of the box.
  2. Have one attacker at one end of the box, and three attackers with a ball at the other end of the box.
  3. Have the ball carrier pass the ball to one of his team mates.
  4. When he makes the pass, call out one of the defenders from the far end of the box.
  5. The original passer stays where he is, and the other two run forward aiming to score without the ball carrier being touched.

  1. The final ball carrier, whether he’s touched or not, turns at the end and waits for his team mate and the other attacker to be ready.
  2. He then passes to this pair.
  3. You call forward an defender from the far end, while the first defender returns to his starting point.
  4. Continue for 8-10 goes, keeping a count of the scores before swapping attackers and defenders.

  1. Develop by adding another attacker at the start, and this time both defenders come forward.
  2. Use full tackling with a ruck contest at the tackle.


  • Attack space to draw the defender.
  • Pass firmly and in front of the support player.
  • Support player – be in a position to run onto the ball.
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