A bolt from the blue

Blocker plays like this one doesn’t have to be the preserve of international teams. It’s easy to set up and practise, so use this decoy activity to confuse the opposition and engineer an overlap out wide.

This drill creates a scoring overlap out wide by holding your opposition’s midfield. The blocker runner travels across the line of the pass, as opposed to running in front of the carrier. It’s not “crossing” as he’s not stopping anyone tackling the carrier or receiver.

  1. Set up 5 v 3 in a 30m x 20m box.
  2. The 10 stands as wide as possible, so if your 9 is right-handed it’s best to run it from right to left.
  3. 12 runs the blocker line (up and then in), which holds his opposite man, and 10 hits 14.
  4. The pass goes behind the 12.
  5. 14 then attacks their 13 and passes to his 13, who should have an unmarked player outside him (not shown).

  1. Work on the 3 v 2 aspects of the exercise in a 15m square.
  2. 14 attacks with 13 and 15 (or open-side wing) against their 13 and wing.

  1. Add a defender and run the play in the bigger box against a proper defence.
  2. 14 uses his pace to stress the defence and make a break or pass.
  3. 10 might pass to the blocker runner.
  4. Use touch tackling.


  • 10 must take the ball up to engage the defence.
  • 12’s run must hold defence.
  • 14 should commit 13 and pass – or aim to beat him.
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