9-10 combinations

Build up the relationship between 9 and 10 as the fly half assesses his options and takes the pass from 9 ready to release players around him.

Your 10 needs to understand the strength, speed and height of the passes from his 9 so he can adjust his own running lines and distance from his partner.

  1. Set the box as above. Adjust the distances to suit your players.
  2. Put a scrum half  and a forward  behind the first ruck pad. The forward steps over the ball and the scrum half passes out to a first receiver who attacks a ruck-pad holder in front of him.
  3. He uses any pass he likes to feed a supporting player either side of him.
  4. Once the pass is completed, the attacking players realign for a pass from the second pad and repeat for each pad.

  1. Put down four coloured (or numbered) cones as in the middle picture.
  2. Put a forward over the first cone and a scrum half behind him.
  3. Put five defenders and five attackers (each with a letter) at each end, and the 10 in the box.

  1. You call out a cone, the letters of the attackers you want to attack and the number of defenders to step to defend.
  2. The the forward puts the ball by the cone you said and steps over when the scrum half says so and the 10 plays what’s in front of him.
  3. Make sure the defenders stay onside.


  • Follow through with the hands and body towards 10.
  • Give the 9 a target and don’t drift away from the pass
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