3 v 1 v 2 rotations

Improve passing accuracy, running and support lines in this busy 3 v 1 v 2 activity. Players will have to keep adjusting their angles and thinking, both in attack and defence.

Basic decision-making doesn’t happen in isolation – once one defender is beaten, the next line of defence has to be considered. Use this activity to work on lots of situations in a short space of time. With more than 12 players, the attackers will have to swap in. 

  1. Line up sets of three attackers at one end of the box, and sets of three defenders at each midpoint into the box. 

  1. Have the first group of defenders throw the ball to the far attacker in the first group of three.
  2. One defender (D1 in the picture) follows the pass to close down the first attack and the other two defenders (D2 and D3) run to the end of the box before turning to defend.
  3. Use touch-tackling only. 


  1. The attackers aim to beat each line of defence, with the first passer supporting the next line straight after his pass.
  2. Once a try is scored or a mistake made, this group of three attackers pass the ball to the defenders on the opposite side of the box, who repeat the process.
  3. The attackers replace the original defenders who join the back of attacking queue. 


  • Run straight and pass hard. 
  • Attack the defenders at pace. 
  • Hold the depth in support. 
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