20 questions you should ask PLUS drills for simple ruck clear outs, hinging in defence and counter attack

In coaching, there’s a time to tell and a time to ask. Both are powerful ways to help players understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as give them opportunities to learn.

I asked one of our expert grassroots coaches, Ian “Didds” Diddams, to come up with the essential questions to use with yout players, which you can read about in 20 questions you should ask. These are not earth-shattering, involved queries. Instead, they aim to engage the players in thinking about the key factors for being part of the growing team.

After discussing the questions, Didds told me that the best ones get answered before you ask them. The players pro-offer the information because they know it’s important.

We also found that the more we asked these types of questions, the stronger the connections became between the coach and the player. A real sign of success was that they would ask questions back and challenge us. For example, “Why are we doing this exercise?” or “What can I do to improve my fitness?”

You don’t need to ask every question, every week. But you should consider rolling them out in some form on a regular basis, maintaining that vital bond and coach/player relationship.

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