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This season, never hunt around for a fresh rugby drill again, find activities to help you train all the skills your players need in Rugby Coach Weekly.

Get proven and easy to use drills for all groups and abilities and to coach all rugby skills with Rugby Coach Weekly. As a coach, it is your job to give your team the skills and technique to be great players.

The rugby drills in this section will help you coach your players in the core skills of the game. We’ll tell you what to look out for, how to get the ideas over to your players, and we’ll give you games and exercises to really power-up their skills.

Drills by skill

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Hard and fast with the miss pass

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

A hard and fast flat miss pass can cut out defenders before they have a chance to change their running angles. It can lead to clean breaks as your attackers exploit the gaps. By scanning the line and hitting the ball at an angle towards a space, the ball carrier is going to be almost impossible to stop. MORE

Four ways to add a touch of spice to...

in Rugby coaching, Rugby drills

Training games, like touch rugby or contact games, tend to be competitive. They should have: Context: the players should know, either before or after the game, the reason you are playing. Fun/enjoyment are a given. However, what are the potential rugby outcomes? Points: the players will want to know what the score is, and what the points system is. Now, let's spice this up MORE

Cure a leaky defence

in Defence, Rugby drills

Already leaked more tries than you expected this season. Here's some cures to shore up your defensive line, which concentrate on technique, skills and organisation. Remind your players of what they do well and then help them to address their weaknesses. MORE

Is your team contact ready?

in Rugby drills

If you are coaching adult rugby, then you are probably already beginning to put in some elements of contact into your preparation programme for next season. If you are coaching youth rugby, then you need to carefully consider the regulations about contact rugby. For example, in England for under 11s and below, you won't even start "contact" of any sort until the actual season starts. MORE

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