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This season, never hunt around for a fresh rugby drill again, find activities to help you train all the skills your players need in Rugby Coach Weekly.

Get proven and easy to use drills for all groups and abilities and to coach all rugby skills with Rugby Coach Weekly. As a coach, it is your job to give your team the skills and technique to be great players.

The rugby drills in this section will help you coach your players in the core skills of the game. We’ll tell you what to look out for, how to get the ideas over to your players, and we’ll give you games and exercises to really power-up their skills.

Drills by skill

Drills by age group

When one is better than two

in Passing & Handling

While we want players to carry the ball in two hands more, they are plenty of times when one-handed carries are important. But the hand has to be more dominant than the body and here’s why… MORE

How to drift the defence at scrums 2

Drift defence at scrums

in Defence, Practice plans, Tackling

With a 5m ruling at scrums, teams tend to use drift defence. However, they need to practise not only the mechanics of the drift but also ways to cover the gap inside the 10, who has to catch up with his openside flanker. MORE

Second receiver options

in Attack, Rugby drills

The second receiver from a ruck or set piece needs to act as a ball carrying option or a support player for a close contact in the 10 channel. Often it’s the 12, but all players need to practise these skills. MORE

How to counter ruck effectively 3

Counter ruck kings

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Counter rucking can spoil an attacking team’s quick ruck ball. Either your players win back the ball or, at worst, disrupt the opposition scrum half’s attempt to pick and clear it. This session progresses to focus on the decision-making process for counter rucking. MORE

Scrambling: rear tackling

in Defence, Rugby drills

Most tackles from behind are from an angle. Use this session to develop the skills to make realistic tackles as players “scramble” back and chase a ball carrier. A rear tackle is a recovery tackle by a player who’s chasing. MORE

Defence boxers

in Tackling

Use boxing style footwork and arm movements to improve your players’ tackling. They should be end up in better positions to complete tackles. MORE

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