Rugby drills

Catch and clear

in Kicking & Catching, Rugby drills

Your back three need to be competent playing on the wing or as full back and they all need to be able to catch the ball and clear it from any position in the back field. Put the back three inside the 22m, with 14 and 11 ahead of 15 Put a passer and two... MORE


in Attack, Rugby drills

Use this high-octane handling and footwork game to work on catching and passing as well as improving decision-making skills. Put five attackers at one end of the 20m square with a ball Five defenders guard the boxes The attackers can run and pass in any direction The attackers have 30 seconds to score as many... MORE

Mirror ball

in Backs moves, Rugby drills

Run backline moves in a competitive format to force players to run the correct lines under pressure. It is best run as a unit skills session with the backs. ACTIVITY Two backlines run a move against each other, with the perceived pressure coming from someone running towards you The 9s run around their cones before... MORE

Spider hands

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Pass the ball down the line quickly while attacking the ball at pace. Instead of the players stretching for the ball, the catcher spreads the fingers of his farthest hand like a spider. The players will catch better, move faster and pass quicker. ACTIVITY Four attackers run backwards before lining up to take a pass... MORE

Picking up the ball one-handed

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Picking up the ball at pace from the ground with one hand not only looks impressive, it can lead to turnovers, counter attacks and tries. It’s all done in one motion without breaking stride. ACTIVITY You roll the ball to a point 5m from where a runner has to pick it up with one hand... MORE

Mauls and peels

in Contact, Rugby drills

If you have control of the maul with the ball at the back, you can continue to attack close to the maul by “peeling off”. This keeps your forward momentum going and pressurises the fringes of the defence. ACTIVITY Put three attackers on the midline, with a ball carrier at the front Put two defenders... MORE

Rough diamonds

in Attack, Other, Rugby drills

A rough diamond shape with the ball carrier at the front means that he can offload or go into contact with confidence. Get your players used to picking up this shape to enhance continuity. ACTIVITY Four attackers come around the corner Three ruck-pad holders fill a gap between the ruck pad on the ground and... MORE

Chase, challenge and counter

in Kicking & Catching, Rugby drills

Put players into realistic kick-chase situations where there’s a healthy competition for the ball and then trying to score or make ground after the ball has been retrieved. ACTIVITY Two chasers aim to retrieve the ball from a kick that has travelled at least 10m The defender is a “nuisance” to the chasers before turning... MORE

Get ready to blitz

in Defence, Rugby drills

Players need to position themselves outside their intended target to make sure they come from out to in on the “blitz”. This session works on alignment to blitz as pairs and threes and then how backs and forwards connect in defence. ACTIVITY A feeder passes to an attacker, who has two support players, one at... MORE

Sharp attack

in Attack, Rugby drills

Work on quick attacking skills in a short but wide area. Despite the short distance to the try line, the attacking team will need to put pace onto the ball to score more often. Four defenders start on the try line and come forward once the ball carrier enters the 5m zone Six attackers start... MORE

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