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The fast hands grid

The fast hands grid

in Passing & Handling

Create a “flow” in your passing exercises that generates energy to keep passers working hard and accurately.   Why use it? Instil a natural flow of passing in your players with this activity that starts slow and increases in tempo and rhythm.   Set up   A 15m x 10m box, two balls. How to... MORE

King of the threes

in Defence, Mini tag, Rugby drills

Develop a cohesive defence by encouraging the players to work in threes. This activity focuses on the middle player making the tag, and the other two forcing the ball carrier into the tagger. By Dan Cottrell ACTIVITY Only this player can make a tag The outside players can block the tagger The ball carrier aims... MORE

Physical handling games

in Attack, Contact, Defence, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

These two adaptive games are ideal warm-ups to more intensive training sessions. One looks for players to find catching solutions, the other is a simple maul contest – though there’s never anything simple about mauling. By Dan Cottrell GAME 1 Dive zone The blocker moves side to side in the middle 5m The two attackers... MORE

Ruthless attack

in Attack, Defence, Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Line breaks occur because there is either a mismatch, a deception or a defensive mistake. This session concentrates on the attack identifying the mismatch and exploiting that situation. By Dan Cottrell ACTIVITY Four defenders, two with ruck pads, run into the box Four attackers run into the box with one feeder ready at the side... MORE

Play what’s in front of you

in Attack, Defence, Rugby drills, U10+

Playing what is in front of you is a tough skill to master, even for the most experienced players. These simple activities will challenge the players to pass, support and communicate quickly. By Dan Cottrell ACTIVITY ŒTwo defenders run into the box and run to the cone you indicate A feeder waits by the side... MORE

Second man in

in Attack, Contact, Rugby drills

The second player in support of the ball carrier needs to work out how to support the tackle contest. This session explores a range of situations, all based on the principle of going forward whenever possible. By Dan Cottrell Put three attackers and three defenders in position, with one defender on their knees opposite the ball... MORE

Ruck session builder

in Contact, Rugby drills

Session builders take you from one player to a unit to work on their skills piece by piece. In this builder, we look at the contact area and rucking. By Dan Cottrell The player pushes the ruck pad along the ground for 5m A ball carrier rips down from a defender who just has their... MORE

Multi-ball chaotic adaptive games

in Attack, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

These two adaptive games give the players a chance to use evasion and passing, depending on the shape of the defence and the amount of confusion caused by the mess created! By Dan Cottrell GAME 1 Two ball steal and score Put a 4 v 2 in each box, with the 4 trying to maintain... MORE

Rocket launchers

in Footwork and evasion, Mini tag, Rugby drills

Get your players to be aware of the space to attack, so run forward, while their support players aim to keep connected. The ball carrier may even pass before being tagged. By Dan Cottrell Put rockets on each coloured cone Start three attacking rockets with a ball Count down from 3 to launch attacking rockets... MORE

Jazz up catching

Jazz up catching

in Kicking & Catching

Catching is a crucial skill. Minis must work on catching the ball in their hands away from the body and not with their arms close to the chest. Use the following three activities to sharpen up catching in a competitive yet fun environment.   Start by emphasising that the best position for catching a pass... MORE

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