Why you should take Tackle Safe, the new RFU e-learning course

The RFU coaching development arm has just launched a new e-learning course on tackling to help support coaches, players and referees.

It works well as an introductory tool for those new to tackling, but actually, all will find this extremely useful.

Essentially, it puts all the RFU’s tackling guidance and resources into one place. If you need to check up on your understanding of the key points of the tackle, find some activities and games to beef up training or to improve your grasp of the new high tackle procedures, you can jump easily between the modules.

It’s well worth exploring the content, first to make sure you are up-to-date and clear on the laws, as well as the key technical points of the tackle. Second, the games and activities in the course are good ways to mix up tackling training. Some of them you will have seen before perhaps, yet it is always good to remind yourself of why they work and how coaches can intervene.

E-learning courses are an important additional way of keeping key messages on-going and coaches in touch with their craft. This particular course is easy to navigate and shouldn’t take you too long to complete.

I’m sure the other unions will be launching their own versions of this. But, for the moment, it’s only available for those that have registered with the RFU.

To sign up for the course, click on this link RFU Tackle Safe course. You will receive an email. Open up the PDF and then click on the link in the PDF.

So, jump in, relearn and/or discover…it will help you build confidence in your training sessions and support your conversations with parents, players and others who are maybe concerned about tackling.

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