VIDEO: How to improve this game – 20 coaches give their view

A message to the Twitter rugby community.

What would you do differently? How would you improve the players? What you suggest to do next? #coachingthoughts #strainthebrain

This is what Twitter suggested after they had watched this video


Here’s what they had to say…

christian green      @RaversgGreen

Very little. Low constraints. Impossible to see what the intended outcome is. Overload attack or increase to two or three touch turnover

Henry Charlson       @hcharlie85

Play off the floor once touched frees up an attacker, then I would deduct a point/turnover if the first receiver gets tackled would encourage keeping the ball alive.

Also two touches for defence would create space.

When I say play off the floor I mean the tackled player pops it from the ground #SkillsLocker

49 49 undefeated       @sportnut100

When would you do a 360 roll and pop off the floor in a game? Would the roll not negate the offload?

Jonny Burden              @burdenjonny1

The pop off the floor is just to speed the tempo up once the touched player has gone to ground, you would use the pop up off the floor during slow ball in a game to speed up the tempo and the 360 roll to push the defensive line back.  If you wanted to play that way of course.

Simon Ogdon              @hitthespace

Ask the players

Learn To Play Rugby   @learn2playrugby

Why’s the ball on the ground? Who’s following their pass? Who’s providing support for ball carrier? Where’s our hands? Who’s giving a target? Can the ball carrier drive 3 steps after contact? Turn into Wizard Touch after 5mins.

Buka T                         @BukaT

5(A) v 3(D)

Aim: (A) Scoring Tries in allotted Time (1min) if score pass ball straight back to start point e.g.15/20m go again. Touch Tackle = tap kick & pass. (D) Defend as 3, Touch Tackle get back to line to defend again.


-Use Space


-Quality of Execution

Thedeadballarea         @thedeadballarea

Not play lateral rugby games.

Fast games like 360° touch/basketball etc… fox and hounds and stuff like that.

Make sure everyone is working hard and fast lots of touches and forfeits for losers. 🙂

Chris Sadler                 @cdsadler

Agree on the no-lateral games. I like setting up channels about 15 meters wide and half the length of the pitch with the objective to score. Throw in defenders every 5-7 meters. “Go forward” get ingrained the hard way.

wayne jeremiah          @spudton

Tackler retreats to try line.

Clarky                          @ClarkyCoaching

I would look at overloading the attack, change the “breakdown” possibly commit a Defender, think you could still play laterally would just promote depth with challenge/ constraints

Also want to see defenders trying to actively get the ball back

Tom Browne               @dad_director

Same way twice, vary width, pressure 9 pass and make 9 double touch

Jesters Girls Rugby      @RugbyJesters

Play offload touch or 3 second touch or mixture of both. Practice footwork and maybe 2 v1s instead of just hit up?

Ogwr Hawks                @OgwrHawks

Get player who touches to retreat to try line then rejoin defence line( creates more opportunity for attacking) also makes defenders work to cover the space.

Tom Sheridan             @TomSher86022207

Do away with the chicken scratch. Not rugby. Pops between legs, rip and pass or 2 second pass. No static players. Pass into space

One touch turnover – encourages more passing but attacking team retreat to tryline and regroup for defence. Game is continuous

Or attacking player can be touched and travel but if touched again then turnover. Encourages support play

Is the scrum half wearing yellow for a reason, perhaps everyone else can be touched with two hands multiple times – ball is passed. Yellow bib can be touched only once but can travel afterwards then touched again – turnover. Work on moving defence and putting yellow bib in space for try

craig Jenkins                @cjenks8

5v3? more decisions. Different ways to start after touch. Offload off ground, on feet, one hand – or anything 3v2 2v1 3v2+1

Doesn’t have to be rugby, forward passes allowed in practice🤠

Jmannison                   @jmannison

Add in a wizard and then add in rules/conditions for them to play from!

Ged Hall                      @GedHall5

Challenge the defence in this situation – they should have the numerical advantage so should be able to press – if they can’t do this as a team gaps will open up for attack. Turnover for two touches behind the gain line.

Cyril Yates                   @cyrilyates

To challenge both sides by having the player who makes the touch join the attack. This creates space for the attack by creatin mismatched numbers and the defence by adjusting to the attack numbers. Any  turnover just goes to the other team and they play from there

Benny Lynch                @bennysrugby

Depends on what you want to achieve. More passes? Condition number of passes/scoring zones. Support play? Pop between the leg touch. Offloads? Catch two hand/pass one hand. Loads of variations from these! Can change pitch size,time on ball,ball itself.

Donovan Pieterse       @DonovanPieters8

Get the players to get their arms over the contact situation to force offloads into space, putting pressure on the defence and creating momentum for the attacking team…


Tom Sheridan             @TomSher86022207

Actually when defender makes a touch he must take a knee and is effectively out of the game until then ball is passed so it allows one sided d but also creates better attacking opportunities

Ged Hall                      @GedHall5

Not a fan of defenders taking a knee personally- would rather see a down up. Because- Defender can still scan from knee, wouldn’t have that luxury in a game/down up replicates the work load of the actual game – which should lead to fatigued D – yet more holes if attacking game.

Tom Sheridan             @TomSher86022207

Principle is to take defenders out of the game. How you do it is up to you

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