Shorten their defensive line

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Most teams now only commit a few defenders to the ruck. Shorten their defensive line by attacking their third defender. Here’s how. By Glenn Delaney, head coach, Canterbury RFC, New Zealand We want to break down organised defences in three ways: Create an overload. Create a mismatch. Generate momentum. These three ways are based on... MORE

Risk-taking players need risk-taking coaches

in Rugby coaching, Tips

My coaching has moved towards more player empowerment, so they can make better decisions on the pitch. I take risks so the players can take risks. By Neil Harris, head coach, St George’s Harpenden, forwards coach, Saracens Women How would you coach this? We are 12-5 up against a very good team in a national... MORE

Coach like a top class defence coach

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Unless you have a large coaching team, either you or one of your coaches has to double up as the defence coach. Here are the key areas to focus on to make sure you have a firm grasp of the role. Follow these important factors to make sure you cover the key areas of defence,... MORE

Do it again… and repeat

in Rugby coaching, Tips

The best players perform miraculous skills at the right times. They will say it is all down to practise, practise, practise. But the real secret is more than that: Repeatability. Here are five ways to create this in training. By Dan Cottrell Performing a skill – such as  a pass – under pressure improves technique... MORE

Learning from the tackling journey

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  Improve your tacklers by understanding how the best defenders grew as players. I spoke to one player whose technical expertise stands out amongst her peers. By Dan Cottrell Sophie about to make a strong tackle  Omega Photography Sophie Ellis, a 17-year-old student in North Wales, has been playing rugby for the last four... MORE

Become a better skills coach

Become a better skills coach

in Team Management, Tips

A skills coach works with individuals in order to improve technique. With the focus on just a few players this increases the depth of understanding and transfers it to the pitch.   Here are 5 ways you can step up your skills coaching:   1. Work to a template Whether you are looking at defence,... MORE

On the run feedback

in Passing & Handling, Rugby coaching, Team Management, Tips

Former Wallabies assistant coach Nick Scrivener tells us how he hones the skills of his players and how you can sharpen your own squad’s handling skills. He’s keen to keep the flow of training going, so he gives his feedback “on the run”. CREATE FLOW When I set up activities, I want them to flow.... MORE

Defence systems or heads up

in Rugby coaching, Rugby drills, Tackling, Tips, U12+

Ruck defence is a hotly debated area, not least in terms of what systems work and if we actually need systems in the first place. With the help of Jamie Taylor, Leicester Tigers academy coach, I look at the range of options. By Dan Cottrell Good ruck defence, that is the position of defenders in relation... MORE

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