5 tips to improve sleep in young athletes during...

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COVID-19 has upended nearly all aspects of life as we know it. One of the most negative aspects of this upheaval is the toll the pandemic has taken on the sleep of those not infected by the virus. Reports of vivid dreams and insomnia are rampant among the general population. Athletes aren’t immune to the effects of this unusual time in our history. MORE

How to coach kids REALISTICALLY during lockdown

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While we would all hope our kids and the kids we coach are as motivated as Jonny Wilkinson to keep on training, whatever the circumstances, that simply isn't the case. Here's how to make the best of what you and they have to offer, with expert opinion from two dads who are also team coaches: Tony Wilkinson and Jamie Green. MORE

Tired of battles over homework? Use RCW reward charts...

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Reward charts are a tried and tested way to improve behaviour. Not because of the reward. Instead the framework, shared goals and targets allow kids to develop long-lasting good habits. Our print-off charts give you a rugby theme. And your player can make them their own with their own decorations as well. There's a chart for girls and boys. MORE

Your essential first-half match checklist

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One of the biggest challenges for any coach watching the game is to have a dispassionate view of what’s happening. Use this checklist to help focus on key areas in a logical order… To be able to analyse the game quickly, you need to know what you are looking for in the match and to... MORE

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