When and how to correct young players

From Rugby Coach Weekly

If a young player is making a mistake, we feel duty bound to do something about it. However, youngsters are often intimidated by corrections and also might not take on board what they need to change.

What we must correct

  • Anything that can harm the player or someone else. Th
    is can be a technical issue like a scrum or a personal issue such as conduct
  • Any verbal abuse.

What we might correct

  • Technical errors, such as poor hand positioning on the ball
  • More difficult might be decision making errors such as wrong options. This is problematic because there are often a number of options and young players make complex decisions.

When is often more important than how

  • Most people don’t like criticism or corrections so both should be made on a one-to-one basis
  • Pull the player to one side for more formal corrections. Otherwise, talk to him as he is moving around
  • A quick word is enough in this case, but the key is “talk” and not raise the voice.