Rugby drill to work on awareness and vision of the scrum half

Peripheral vision graph

This rugby drill challenges the scrum half to keep two players in his eye-line as they move from side to side.

  • The graph has two, five-metre long axes at right angles. Each axis has a runner.
  • The scrum half faces one of the runners, with the other runner standing at ninety degrees from him.
  • The scrum half uses small, fast steps to stay opposite both runners as they move up and down the axes.
  • When you shout "CHANGE," the scrum half turns and faces the other runner, while keeping the first runner also in his vision.

Rugby drill to boost peripheral vision of scrum half

Introduce a ball once your scrum half is comfortable with this rugby drill.

Now when a runner gives him a pass, he has to pass the ball quickly to the other runner, before turning so he's always facing the runner with the ball.

Pyramid drill

The pyramid drill challenges the scrum half to keep his head up, looking forward while getting in position to pass the ball.

  • Set out different coloured cones in a pyramid shape. Start the scrum half at the first cone.
  • The scrum half squats and puts both hands on the first cone.
  • At the same time, you direct him left or right to the next cone, and so on to finish on the last line of cones.

Rugby drill to get scrum half scanning and keeping his head up while finding the ball

Alter your position, so the player has to scan to locate you. As he improves, make the signals harder to spot in the drill.

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