Ready made rugby coaching session

Quick question time

Start your rugby coaching session by getting your young players to split into four groups. Ask each group has to come up with four rugby questions that the other group won't be able to answer, although they must be able to answer themselves.

Rugby warm up drill

  • Warm up players with a numbered rugby drill.
  • Building gradually, assign an action to each number. For instance, "one" – put the left hand on the ground, "two" – put the right hand on the ground, "three" – put both hands on the ground.
  • Other actions could be a press-up, a sit-up, a star jump, three seconds of quick feet.
  • Call out the numbers, emphasising speed into the action, but accuracy in the rugby drill.
  • The group could jog with you as you call out the numbers.

Rucking rugby drill

Use this drill to improve the players' body positions for driving into contact.

  • Split the players into groups of three. Two players lie next to each other on their backs with their arms crossed over their chests. Keep enough space between them for the third player to stand.
  • The standing player rolls over one of the lying players onto his front. He then turns and rolls over the other player. Then he turns back to roll the first player back onto his back, and repeats this with the other player. He works for thirty seconds before the players swap round.
  • The players on the ground should be rigid and not assist the working player.

Rugby rucking drill

Throughout the rugby coaching drill, check for good technique.

  • The working player should bend at the hips and knees.
  • They need to use both hands to turn over the players, keeping their heads up as they do it, while maintaining a solid base with the feet.
  • If they are overbalancing then check foot and head positions.

Develop the rugby drill

Develop the rugby drill by joining two groups together. This time, place four players on the ground, so the two working players have to step over someone they have rolled over to roll another player.

If you want to add some fun, and depending on the type of players involved, get two of the players to hug each other on the ground. Now, the pair of players on their feet have to work together to role them over.

Driving skills drill

Next work on your players' good driving position skills.

  • Get the players back into their groups of three. Have two of these players bind together. They face the third player, who puts his head between their hips, binding around their middles.
  • The third player drives the bound pair back for 10 metres, before turning and driving them back the other way.
  • Keep checking the driving player's technique, such as using short steps and having a straight back. Remind the player it's not a race. Remember to encourage some resistance from the bound pair also.
  • Repeat this rugby drill so that each player drives a bound pair back.

Finish your rugby coaching session with a game

Play a full game of rugby, but focus on one or two rugby coaching skills. For instance, passing before contact, tackle or ruck techniques.

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