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5 tips on how to use substitutes

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Making substitutions is a challenge for coaches because there’s an implied criticism of the players involved. So accentuate the positive and make the process a chance for development and enjoyment. MORE

Four ways to develop your coaching mojo

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All coaches should have a spark, a creative inspiration to help bring the best out of their players. Create magic with your team by following these tips and developing your coaching skills. 1. Serious fun wins matches Know who’s in charge of the “serious” stuff and who’s in charge of the “fun” at training. You... MORE

Follow the rule of three to structure your coaching

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Not sure how to structure your team’s coaching? Use our simple model to plan your sessions, execute your game plans and review your matches. It’s as easy as one, two, three… Writers, speechmakers and even the US Marines have long understood the magic of “threes”. Shakespeare wrote of “Friends, Romans, countrymen” in Julius Caesar while... MORE

Power up your own coaching so your technical expertise...

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Technical and tactical coaching is an essential part of any sport. It's fundamental to safety. It's also fundamental to allow players to enjoy the game. Yet, if we focus our own coaching efforts into these areas, we might forget to power up our own delivery. In other words, how we coach is just as important as what we coach. You might have the next killer move up your sleeve, or be able to solve a nagging technical issue. But if the players aren't truly engaged and motivated, the power of that potential improvement is lost in translation. MORE

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