Fun game to coach core rugby skills

How to play Tiger Tails

  • Each tiger has a tag belt or “tail” tucked into the back of their shorts. The tail must be visible so that other tigers can grab it.
  • The tigers run around inside the playing area, collecting each other’s tails by pulling them out of another tiger’s shorts.
    When a tiger collects a tail they add it to their own in their shorts. Other tigers can now collect however many tails they have.
  • If a tail drops to the floor, any tiger can collect it. However, the first to touch the tail wins it to avoid a tug-of-war.
  • Tigers cannot grip their tail to stop it being collected. They need to protect their tail by sprinting away, turning, using evasion skills and screening instead.
  • The game can be played to a time limit (two minutes, for example) and see which tiger has the most tails at the end.

Set up game

Prepare a 40m by 30m playing area or small gym/games hall. Use tag belts (if available) or old bibs or strips of material for the tails. Player numbers can extend to a class or squad size.


The tiger with the most tails in their shorts wins.

What to call out

  • “Look for space and move into it.”
  • “Take short steps when changing direction.”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on.”

Tiger tails core rugby skills game

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