The Haunted House hosted by the Eighty Percent Mental podcast team

We are delighted to host the guys from Eighty Percent Mental to run their own version of the Haunted House, where coaches have to say how they will deal with tough situations.

Here are the scenarios the group discussed:

  1. A 17-year-old is transitioning into the senior team but the senior team has a strong drinking culture. How do you advise the coaches and teams?
  2. A verbally abusive committee member constantly berates the team and staff at training but is friendly with the manager.  This is causing an underperformance and training attendance is dropping.
  3. The captain has said that the team must kneel for black lives matter.  Some of the players disagree and refuse too.
  4. The players get fined for being fat after returning from offseason. One of the better players refused to pay his and then finally the club gives in. This causes a disturbance in the club.

Eighty Percent Mental

Dr Pete Olusoga host of podcast has been a Senior Lecturer in Psychology for the past 15 years and worked in sport, consulting with athletes from boxing to table tennis. His research area of expertise is coach burnout, and he has played basketball competitively for most of his life.

Hugh Gilmore is an applied performance psychologist and has worked with Olympic and Paralympic Athletics for the past two Olympic games, primarily in athletics and para-powerlifting. He is the co-host of podcast.


Andrew Wood is a Practioner psychologist, who spends his time based at Manchester Met University, as well as working as the lead psych for the England B1 football team.

Ross Shand is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist/PhD student at Leeds Beckett University.


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