Why and how you must change your coaching style

Dan chats to Kevin Mulcahey about his experiences coaching both novices and experts and how you need to change to meet their needs.

Kevin coaches Gaelic football and hurling, Ireland’s national sports as an assistant or head coach at all ages and levels. He has also worked in multiple roles on three continents as a coach of various stripes like assistant coach, S&C coach and performance coach in Aussie Rules, basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, volleyball, hockey and in numerous other 1-2-1 roles over 28 years.

He also runs Designing the Game on Facebook where he challenges coaches to think about their approaches to coaching. His main role is an owner-operator S&C and sports performance coach at TMC Performance Coaching. You can catch Kevin @movementcoachkm on Twitter where he is active and responds to DM’s.

In the podcast, they discuss the following:

  • How much does your team coaching approach change when you are dealing with experts and novices?
  • Using “pivot” players in any sport.
  • A principle of play has normally been set by coaching experts from the past, no matter what sport you are in. How much do players need to know about a principle before you start working on it? And how do you introduce it?
  • How to use deliberate practice in the right context.
  • How long do you let a team or player do something which is clear to you that is inefficient, and despite your nudges, they continue to do it?
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