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The Coach’s Guide to Teaching: Practical ways to use...

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Dan Cottrell invites Dave Sharkey, Ged Hall and Edd Conway to say how they would use Doug Lemov's latest book, The Coach's Guide to Teaching in their own environments. Bestselling author and teaching guru Doug has drawn on his vast practical classroom experience to see he can help coaches produce better players. The panel discusses their main takeaways from the book in the context of their own coaching. MORE

Reviewing research into what keeps good young players in...

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Dan Cottrell caught up with Jonny McMurtry of to talk about his current research. Having been involved in high-performance age-grade rugby programs across Australia for nearly 10 years, he is currently completing research in conjunction with the University of Queensland and Rugby Australia, looking at age-grade player's engagement and understanding what motivates, engages and drives players' participation. MORE

Top coaching tips for all levels: Wilko, Goose and...

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Dan Cottrell invites Nick Wilkinson, Nathan Gosling and Ian Hollingworth to discuss their latest thinking around coaching in the current climate. They bounce ideas off each other, share what works and what needs to be adjusted. It's all about practical ways to improve your team, at all levels of the game. Be ready for some coaching gold and innovative nuggets to take onto the training field today. MORE

Asking the best questions of other coaches

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Dan Cottrell catches up with John Widdowson, described by Phil Llewellyn as the coach observer he is most scared a good way. We discussed the following areas: What does the Match Official Development exactly do? What can coaches do better in their interactions with referees? What makes John's questions so "scary"? What can we do more efficiently on our coaching courses? What's the PhD research and how can we help? MORE

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